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Professor Zhai Yehu of our institute attended the seminar on "Asset Disposal and Securities Mis

2022-03-17 views:727

In the afternoon of March 11, 2022, in order to reduce the legal risks of non-performing assets and capital markets, and improve the management ability of major civil and commercial risks, and in response to the risk of liability for securities misrepresentation, we jointly invited legal research experts, industry seniors, professional lawyers, etc. in the financial and securities field to jointly hold a seminar on "asset disposal and liability disputes for securities misrepresentation" at Amber Law Firm in Beijing.

Professor Zhai Yehu, with the theme of "Research on the Civil Liability of Independent Directors of Listed Companies", combined with his own professional experience as an independent director, introduced to us the development status of independent directors in China, discussed in depth the duties, responsibilities and identification standards of independent directors, and also proposed the challenges facing the independent director system in China.

  ▲ Zhai Yehu, Professor of the School of Law of Shou Economic and Trade University, Doctor of Law, Master Tutor, Director of Shou Economic and Trade Industry Development and Intellectual Property Research Center, and Arbitrator of Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center



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