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Beijing Zhihuan Law Firm is focusing on "intellectual property and company business".

Beijing Zhihuan Law Firm has the qualification of law firm issued by the judicial department and the qualification of patent agency and trademark agency issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. The partner lawyers have both legal and technical intellectual property background and experience. More than 80% of the leading lawyers, patent agents, trademark agents and other team members have master's degree or above, and are engaged in patent and trademark agency, intellectual property dispute resolution.The company has its own characteristics and rich experience in commercial litigation and other fields, and provides comprehensive and perfect legal services for customers by building a multi-dimensional legal service system of "intellectual property+private business".

It is Zhihuan's constant pursuit of service philosophy and mission to be customer-oriented and think from the customer's perspective and strive to become the most reliable legal partner of customers. In view of this, Zhihuan Talent, with its profound understanding of China's intellectual property and commercial fields and excellent professional skills, has successively served a number of state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, listed companies and innovative enterprises; At the same time, it has won the trust and favor of many international enterprises and foreign companies because of its profession and vision, as well as its experienced lawyers, patent agents and trademark agents.

Zhihuan's service field covers machinery manufacturing, household appliances, fashion, electronics, pharmacy, chemical industry, engineering and many other industries. For any agency service provided to customers, Zhihuan will, with a professional and serious practice attitude, scientific and meticulous process management and strict and orderly working methods, strive to bring intimate agency experience to customers, and is committed to providing customers with creative, efficient, economic and reliable solutions to intellectual property and commercial legal issues.

According to Chinese comments,"ZHIHUAN" has two meanings:

First, "ZHI" indicate“zhi shi chan quan”,refor to "intellectual property", and "HUAN" refers to "the world, both in space and in time". Therefore, "ZHIHUAN" as a whole means "intellectual property is the theme of the world, and technological innovation creates the future".

Second, "ZHI" means "perceiving", and "HUAN" means "world", which means "perceiving the world and practicing life". ZHIHUANmembersregard work as their way to perceive the world and polishedthemselves. By promoting craftsmanship and creating quality cases, they improve their personality and practice life in the process of protecting the legitimate interests of customers to the greatest extent.

Build a professional lawyer team, provide high-quality legal products, and provide customers with high-quality, efficient, highly compatible, cost-effective legal solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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