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Zhihuan successfully declared a "Quannao No.1 Robot" trademark invalid on behalf of custom

2021-09-22 views:857

  Recently, Zhihuan received the ruling of Shang Ping Zi [2021] No. 00000248966 from the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office on the request for invalidation of the No. 42313470 "Quannao No.1 Robot" trademark. Zhihuan's trademark team, acting on behalf of Guangdong Professor Rao Culture, Education and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Professor Rao Company"), successfully invalidated the maliciously attached trademark, removing obstacles for the company's brand promotion.

      No. 30980080 "No. 1 Robot" and No. 29969881 "No. 1 Full Brain Robot" are the first and previously registered trademarks of Professor Rao, a client of Zhihuan. Through the promotion of Professor Rao, the above trademarks have gained high market recognition in the robot education and training industry. Mr. Kou was a customer of Professor Rao's company, and both parties signed a cooperation agreement, which stated that the applicant agreed that Mr. Kou would join the brand system of "One Brain Robot", and authorized Mr. Kou to operate "One Brain Robot" and carry out relevant teaching; The cooperation agreement signed by Kou XX and the applicant on April 11, 2018 stated that the two parties reached an agreement on the applicant's authorization of Kou Chunchun to open a campus in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province through consultation. After the cooperation period between Mr. Kou and Professor Rao expired, in order to continue to use the brand of Professor Rao, he applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for a disputed trademark without permission.

      After the hearing of the State Intellectual Property Office, it was ruled that the trademark No. 42313470 "Quannao No.1 Robot" was in Class 41, and the registration of "education, training" and other related services was invalid, except for "providing entertainment facilities; photography" and other unrelated services.


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